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A Superyacht Encounter

Setting new standards of disorientation







Plywood, meranti wood, mdf, stainless steel,
boat calk, glass, mosaic stones, sunbed, pool ladder, lamp, flag.
270 x 250 x 230 cm

Photography by Ronald Smits

‘A Superyacht Encounter’ confronts the normalization of superyachts as symbols of success and prestige. Initiated by a personal encounter with two of the world’s largest superyachts, the installation and accompanying film styled as a promotion in fact exposes the bitter reality concealed behind the glossy façade — from the glaring wealth disparity and elitism that permeate yacht shows to the mistreatment of crew members, the severe environmental impact, and more.

The representation of superyachts on social media, in cinema and by the yachting industry perpetuates the illusion of attainable luxury and prioritizes wealth accumulation over sustainability and equity. If the superyacht is the epitome of contemporary aspirational values, towards where are we heading?

The physicality of the 1:1 installation challenges human scale perceptions. The intentionally unbalanced stance of the superyacht fragment reveals a raw, unadorned wooden structure beneath a deceivingly flawless surface. The sculpture invites contemplation on the delicate balance between conspicuous display and authenticity in society, encouraging a reevaluation of what defines achievement and prosperity.

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