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A Superyacht Encounter Film

Setting new standards of disorientation






Digital animation

4K video with sound, 8min 10sec

Sound artist Itzik Gil Avizohar

'A Superyacht Encounter' challenges the normalization of superyachts as symbols of success and prestige. Drawing inspiration from a personal encounter with two of the world's largest superyachts, this installation with an accompanying film, designed to resemble a promotional piece, reveals the harsh reality concealed beneath the glossy superyacht exterior.

The animation comes to shed light on the stark wealth inequality and elitism prevalent at yacht shows, the mistreatment of crew members, the significant environmental repercussions, the absurd quest for luxury, the contrasting realities at sea, the superyacht’s illicit activities, and more.

It offers an exploration inside a deconstructed digital superyacht, divided into seven modules that dissect various facets of the superyacht phenomenon. The animation draws inspiration from the narration of promotional videos for luxury cruises and yacht charters, which perpetuate the illusion of attainable luxury while prioritizing wealth accumulation over sustainability and equity.

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