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Challenge Airlines I

Wooden double curved flight simulator shell




Tel Aviv


Spatial intervention

Curved beech panels, metal hinge, acrylic curved windows, LED lights, carpet, curtains and more, 570 x 290 x 290 cm

Photography by Michael Shvadron

Two commissioned spatial interventions were undertaken for Challenge Airlines HQ, a cargo company based in Liege and Tel-Aviv. These interventions consisted of a laminated wooden shell designed to house their pilot’s flight simulator, along with two privacy booths.

The wooden design draws inspiration from the front section of the iconic Boeing 747 aircraft and showcases curved windows with privacy foil. Wood was chosen due to its historical significance within 20th-century aircraft construction. The curvature of the space was meticulously crafted to accommodate both the existing flight simulator and a designated resting area. An innovative computer-guided reconfigurable mold was employed, facilitating a swift transformation from 3D drawings to physical double curved shapes.

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