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The Superyacht Issue

Luxury lifestyle magazine redefining superyachts




Ibiza, Monaco, Eindhoven



121 pages, 29.5 x 22.7 cm

From a seemingly inaccessible topic to a dreamy exploration of our imaginations, our thesis received the shape of a lifestyle magazine. It takes readers on a journey into the world of superyachts, exploring their normalization as symbols of success and prestige.

Inspired by a random encounter in Ibiza with two colossal superyachts over the summer of 2022, our exploration delves deep into the phenomenon's intricacies. The magazine examines how popular culture, social media, cinema and the yacht industry itself contribute to the perpetuation of an illusion of attainable luxury, prioritizing wealth accumulation over sustainability and equality.

The magazine also crafts a semi-real context, allowing to ponder the elusive nature of true luxury experiences. The publication showcases our field research, including our infiltration into the Monaco Yacht Show, and our insights into the dynamic interplay between coveters and gatekeepers in creating the allure of superyachts.

The publication is 121 pages long and is printed on Munken Polar Rough and Gloss HVMC paper. If interested in a printed copy, drop us an email (limited amount available).

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