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Express Delivery

A delivery man embarks on a Kafkaesque quest






Short film

8min 20sec

Set within a large scaled residential complex housing 616 apartments, the narrative of Express Delivery casts a spotlight on the often disregarded challenges of contemporary urban life.

Navigating the intricate web of elevators within the complex, the narrative revolves around a delivery man whose unwitting actions set off a Kafkaesque quest when stumbling upon an abandoned and heavy package.

Through the unfolding of events, the film metaphorically delves into the societal gaps that tend to slip away. The symbolic weight of the undelivered package represents the burdens associated with disregarded social issues such as overconsumption and social alienation.

Above all, the film serves as a call to action. It urges viewers to dismantle barriers and actively cultivate meaningful connections in an increasingly fragmented world.

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