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Portable Us

Journey anywhere nowhere everywhere




Bezalel Architecture Department, Jerusalem



Final undergraduate project (Meizler prize). Model: PVC and plaster, 400 x 320 x 330 cm

Model photography by Michael Shvadron

The global Internet network has shaped a society perpetually traversing between the tangible physical realm and the digital virtual realm. Consequently, a frequent movement is occurring from one type of space to the other, defining new implications concerning belonging, place and identity.

'Portable Us: Journey Anywhere, Nowhere, Everywhere,' experiments with the consequences of perpetual motion and its influence on architecture within our profoundly mobile contemporary world. This thesis project embarks on this exploration through three embodied and experimental journeys, with us at the forefront of this narrative: one encompassing a physical-real jet journey, another immersing us in a digital fictive journey, and a third journey that navigates between both realms manifested in a life sized paper airplane section (as seen here below).

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