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Truck Tales

Unveiling the overlooked life of urban freight






Paper scenography

Paper models, wax pastel on paper
Exhibition is 400 x 400 x 165 cm

Trucks form an extra-large logistical network of extensions of the human body in the public sphere. The large scale vehicles are characterised by standardised dimensions and lead to the further standardisation of goods and spaces within everyday life. Without the infrastructure of land freight transportation, the urban lifestyle would be inconceivable. Simultaneously, the relationship of most urbanites with the truck is close to nonexistent.

‘Truck Tales’ reflects on trucks as universal and overlooked entities which perform on a daily basis in repetitive situations taking place everywhere, nowhere and anywhere. The six presented episodes are the result of a ‘pressed brake pedal’ and a ‘turning-on of headlights’ on personal experiences where trucks function as protagonists. At times absurdly mundane, at times theatrically disrupted, the staged memories raise awareness on pollution, the food industry, mass-tourism and social alienation.

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