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The Contemporary Jet Journey 3.0


PVC and plaster, 4m x 3,2m x 3,3m


Bezalel Architecture Department,
Jerusalem — Jul 2019


Photography by Michael Svhadron

While experiencing a hyper mobile world, society is losing its ability to distinguish reality from a simulation of it. Considered as an experiment of physically rendering a three-dimensional model, an architectural space was downloaded and uploaded within an existing architecture. The model is a 1:1 scaled and completely hand cut section of an Airbus 320 airplane, made out of 1mm PVC sheets. The overall model and its photographed-portrayals seek to understand the significance of architectural representation and its capacity to trigger human behaviours.

Suggesting the continuously interiorised and pressurised controlled space supporting the 21st century mobile lifestyle, the model seeks to confront the audience with the paradoxal movement occurring between physical and digital space. The contemporary airplane is not only considered in our work as an economic-architectural space but as a manipulating politico-sexually charged machine.

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