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Studio course

Mar-Jul 2018

In the context of Japanese hospitality, U+ is a company that considers itself as an agency that specialises in the development and implantation of radio frequency identification micro chips in order to experience life more freely, easily and healthy. Its headquarters, located in Aarau, Switzerland, represent 3000 square meters divided in 9 pavilions and two zones which stay true to the company’s essence and concept. Placed in a figurative circle, they allow city activity and curiosity inside the complex and enclose a garden set at its heart. It seeks to attract members with no primary obligation.

   The visitors, which are considered as guests, as well as the workers who are implanted with personal chips, are immediately immersed and led through a diversity of spaces and gardens inviting relaxation and wander where attention has been set on the smallest details as part of Japanese Omotenashi. Moreover, through the various interior and exterior programs, current members of U+ are invited to enjoy a variety of club facilities set at their disposition such as treatments, a bathhouse, physical activities and more.

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