XL Travelogue

XS Manifestos

Meditations on the Contemporary City

Summer course at Waseda University, Tokyo

Aug — Oct 2016

With the guidance of Dr. Erez Golani Solomon, Arch. Keigo Kobayashi & Arch. Asaf Bivas

Drawing of the Year 2017

First Prize

The ‘XL Travelogue, XS Manifestos: Meditations on the Contemporary City’ project showcases a visual travelogue created in the frame of the Bezalel Academy Architecture Department's — Tokyo Summer Course. The travelogue conducted during the summer of 2016 continuesthe tradition of ‘pedagogic journeys’ (the legacy of the ‘Grand Tour’, Bruno Taut’s journey in Japan, the exploratory journey of Colin Rowe in Italy etc.) and allows a new reading of the spatiality of Tokyo and other Japanese areas visited by the both of us during the course. The projects exists out of two principal series: the XL and the XS.

   Firstly, the XL series adopts the sphere asgeometric shape on which the course is represented; it’s duration and personal interpretation. This XL travelogue is made out of  29 one-day units. The fusion of the 29 spheres, forming an XL sphere of the entire course results into a play ofzooming in and out where each element can be divided in sub-elements. The sphere’s shape is analogue to that of the Earth and is therefor appropriate to emphasise Japan as an autonomous and unique 'world'. However, in order for it not to lose its objectivity, the backside of the paper was used to trace our chronological movement on the journey's extra-large sphere.

   Secondly, the XS manifestos are considered being a platform allowing the study and the commenting on extra-small and single-specific situations as well as on situations occurring repeatedly throughout the summer course in Japan.When conceptualising a situation found in the travelogue, the XS manifesto is an attempt to find and represent its true essence.

XS Manifestos

Drawing of the Year 2017

First Prize

‘Drawing of The Year’ is an international student competitionorganized by the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. In 2017, the fifth joint venture of this competition was held with as theme ‘Everyday Utopia’. 234 architecture students from around the world submitted drawingsfor the competition. The drawing depicting the XL series of the 29 spheres was granted with the first prize for a drawing where everyday experiences are composed into everyday utopia. The jury mentioned: 

29 globes organized in a grid depict the numerous possibilities of organizing buildings, animals, and people that create our life and surroundings. Everyday experiences are composed into everyday utopia. The drawing is well composed and works in different scales - from a distance and close up, where the rich details can be explored. Playful and artistic it connects content, message, and illustration into a strong, beautiful drawing. It is open-minded and open-ended. We imagine that the two people on the final globe only went to sleep to wake to continue the story.


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