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XL Travelogue

XS Manifestos

Meditations on the Contemporary City

Embassy of Japan In Belgium, Brussels

Volkstraat 38 Gallery, Antwerp

Jan — Feb 2018

In the winter of 2017—2018 our visual travelogue made in the frame of the Bezalel's 2016 summer course at the Waseda University in Tokyo, was exhibited in two different exhibitions in Belgium. Both were entitled as the project itself: ‘XL Travelogue, XS Manifestos: Meditations on the Contemporary City’ and constituted of 40 hand drawings.

   The exhibitions were composed out of two main series. The first—XL series, existed out of 29 planets, each representing one day of the journey through Japan. Each planet portrays the experiences, locations visited, as well as personal interpretations of that exact day. The second—XS series, existed out of 11 axonometric drawings depicting extra-small and single-specific situations as well as situations occurring repeatedly throughout the journey.

   Aside of the drawings, visitors were invited to browse through a folding screen containing all the maps, brochures and catalogs collected throughout the journey. Moreover, the final XL planet summarising chronologically the 29 days spent in Japan, was printed on fabric and exhibited in the space.

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