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"Are We There Yet?"

Live Performance

Two living artists, economy class airplane seats, books, sandwiches and water

Brussels—11 Nov 2020

To confront our perception of air travel: familiarity, anticipation, glossy consumerism and anxiety, we departed on the 11th of Nov 2020 for a 10H flight with the help of aircraft seats, two smartphones connected to social media’s live platforms, a speaker, some books, water and snacks. Where were we heading? To nowhere. 10H to find ourselves geographically at the exact same location. 


In the course of these 10H, the exterior environment stayed in a state of perpetual motion. Planet earth rotated almost 180 degrees around its axis and of course around the sun. The exterior environment outside our staged performance also kept running as usual. 


Inside the flat, 10H of white noise — simulating a commercial airline flight. Our images were broadcasted and spread live around the globe to multiple screens at the exact same time, propagating another kind of movement. We aspire to understand our act more accurately in the near future.

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