Journey Anywhere Nowhere Everywhere

Final Undergraduate Project 

Meditations on the Contemporary City


Brussels, 15 Jan 18 — 26 Jan 18

Antwerp, 27 Jan 18 — 04 Feb 18


"Charles Weinberg & Shai Ben Ami win the First Prize of the 'Drawing of the Year 2017' Competition, organised by the Aarhus School of Architecture with their drawing entitled The One Day Unit."

Final Undergraduate Project Catalogue

Paper model

Upgrade yourself


Workshop and brand of handcrafted furniture created in Tel-Aviv in 2018

Confinement in an Israeli suburb

Prototype house featuring a polymer exterior skin

Animation as part of our Final Undergraduate Project

Physically Rendered Model as part of our Final Undergraduate Project

Summer Course at Waseda University, Tokyo

An interview published in Archinect concerning our final thesis project as part of Thesis Review, which is a collection of conversations, statements, and inquiries into the current state of thesis in academia.


Review: Bezalel Academy's student show celebrates diversity in Jerusalem

Article written about the Bezalel Academy's Department of Architecture end-of-the-year exhibition and its front courtyard transformed into a "garden of reverie" with 1:1 scale installations.


Front courtyard installation at the Architecture Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design


Jerusalem, 20 Jul 18 — 03 Aug 18

When a drawing comes to life

Winning entry for the Hello Wood 2018 Competition in Argentina


The Architects who study, create, work and live together

Article written in the Haaretz newspaper weekend edition about us and our final undergraduate project when recently having graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

"In the 2017 'Drawing of the Year' competition, organised by the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark, Charles Weinberg and Shai Ben-Ami won out of the 235 contestants. Their work portrays their 29 days-during journey through Japan."

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