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The Contemporary Jet Journey 3.0


Jerusalem — Jul 2019

Hansen House, Jerusalem Design Week — Jul 2021

Eindhoven — Jul 2022

Eindhoven — Mar 2022

Brussels — 11 Nov 2020

Edmond de Rothschild Center, Tel-Aviv — Mar 2021

At the Jerusalem Design Week 2021, art duo Weinberg & Ben-Ami invited visitors to escape on a flight to nowhere with an interactive installation called ‘TAKEOFF’. The project merged fantasy with reality and played with the desire to travel more than a year after the outbreak of coronavirus.


Eindhoven — Dec 2021

Journey Anywhere Nowhere Everywhere


Final Undergraduate Project — Jul 2019


An interview published in Archinect concerning our final thesis project as part of Thesis Review, which is a collection of conversations, statements, and inquiries into the current state of thesis in academia.

Eindhoven — Dec 2021


"Charles Weinberg & Shai Ben Ami win the First Prize of the 'Drawing of the Year 2017' Competition, organised by the Aarhus School of Architecture with their drawing entitled The One Day Unit."

Tel-Aviv — 13 Oct 2018

Kfar Saba — Apr 2020

Tokyo, Japan — Aug-Sep 2016

Meditations on the Contemporary City


Brussels, Antwerp — Jan-Feb 2018

Beit Ariela, Tel-Aviv — Dec 2018

The 9 Transit Rituals Reimagined

By Charles Weinberg and Shai Ben-Ami

Charles Weinberg and Shai Ben-Ami showcase an imaginary flight filled with endangered species at the 'Nature Awakens' exhibition in Tel Aviv, and ask who is 'the wild': man or nature?


Final Undergraduate Project Catalogue, Jul 2019

When a drawing comes to life — Sep 2016

Charles and Shai Ben Ami went through nine airports in eight days, and built a giant physical model of an airplane cross-section. A year later and following the Covid19 pandemic they still ask how architecture can bridge the gap between physical and virtual spaces.

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